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  • All Season, M+S, Performance, Touring
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 55k Mile
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Additional Information

Delinte DST2

The DST2 is an ultra-reliable All-Season Touring tire for SUV and CUVs, specially engineered for all driving conditions from dry, hot highways to wet roads and even snow. In wet road conditions, wide tread grooves evacuate water quickly to prevent hydroplaning and 3D sipes keep the tire in contact with the road for stability and control. The Intelligent tread block pattern reduces road noise and keeps the ride comfortable, and tread contact is optimized to distribute grip, reduce rolling resistance, and optimize tread wear.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
853677225/55R19 99H (28.7")0
850157315/30R22 111Y (29.4")0
853837295/40R21 111W (30.3")0
853820295/35R21 109Y (29.1")0
853813295/25R22 97W (27.8")0
853806285/40R23 111Y (32")0
850140285/35R22 109Y (29.9")0
842916275/55R20 117V (31.9")0
842923275/50R22 115H (32.8")0
853790275/50R22 111H (32.8")0
853783275/40R21 109W (29.7")0
853844315/35R21 111Y (29.7")0
853776275/35R22 104Y (29.6")0
853752265/40R21 105Y (29.3")0
853745255/45R20 105W (29")0
853738255/40R21 105Y (29")0
853721245/35R21 96Y (27.8")0
853714235/65R16 107H (28")0
853707235/60R17 105H (28.1")0
853691235/55R17 103W (27.2")0
842909225/65R17 102H (28.5")0
853684225/60R18 100V (28.6")0
853660225/55R18 102W (27.7")0
853769265/45R21 108W (30.4")0
853851315/40R21 115Y (30.9")0