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Factory Reproductions

FR 22

  • Finish: Gloss Black
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Factory Reproductions FR 22

C7 ZO6 Corvette Replica offered in multiple finishes with applications to fit C4, C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes, as well as 4th Generation Camaros, Trans-ams, and Firebirds. One of the most popular Corvette wheels at Factory Reproductions the C7 ZO6 Corvette Replica Wheel is distinguished by its stylish split and multi-spoke design. With the incredible range of sizes and finishes, you can customize your Corvette to fit your style. Wider sizing for the C7 Z06 brings increased traction to create the performance and handling you expect from your Corvette.



Part NumberDiameterWidthOffsetCenterboreBolt PatternLug SeatLoad CapacityWeightStockPrice
22785563402178.55670.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0027.000
2281259340218125970.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0038.000
22885563402188.55670.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0030.000
22895403402189.54070.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0032.000
22895573402189.55770.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0032.000
2291040340219104070.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0036.000
2291056340219105670.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0036.000
2291079340219107970.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0036.000
2291259340219125970.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0039.000
22985563402198.55670.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0035.000
2201079340220107970.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0040.000
2201259340220125970.35 x 4.75" (120.7mm)Unknown1600.0043.000